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What is A Blog?

This question has came in my mind when I started blogging and even asked by many people . Even I think you came here in search of same answer. But before going ahead first understand the terms Who is blogger?, What is blogging? and What is a blog?

Who is a blogger?

A blogger is an individual who publish his thoughts or events in blog.

What is a blogging?

Blogging means writing any topic which you want to share.

What is a blog ?

Blog is nothing but kinds of website were an individual write his thoughts on particular topic or event it can be anything.Blog are arranged in chronological order, on first page or main page, you may see 5, 7 or 10 post most recent post at top and older one at bottom.

You can see example of my blog entries on main page according date wise you may find recent post is at top and older at bottom this does not mean what you have written before will be getting deleted or you may not access it again but after 5, 7 or 10 post it will go into Archives.

You can see Archive in my blog on right hand side. An archive is collection of information which is publish by an individual.In blog archive is divided month wise. Means here you will be getting all topic written in that particular month Archive. If you still feel that you are not clear with idea about blog please feel free to ask me by commenting on blog.

Giving comment on post make real difference between blog and website, which means its two way communication between blogger and visitor, were visitor can also gives his opinion on post.

What is use of blog?

Blog is mostly used for sharing Knowledge, Thoughts and views or to promote business basically it can be anything in short a blog gives you your own voice on the web.

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