Paid To Click - PTC

PTC (Paid To Click)

PTC (Paid To Click) means wait a second. Before Knowing PTC it’s important to know what Payment Processors or Internet Payment Service is and how to get one. Without knowing this it would be waste to join any PTC program

What is PTC?

PTC stands for Paid to Click so simple that means you are paid to click on some ads and view it for few second for that you have been paid in Dollars.

PTC (Paid to click) is the best and easiest way to earn money online without any investment. Joining PTC website is free.No effort and skill is required to do this work.

What do you need to earn from PTC site?

Do you have 10 minutes that much time is enough to make dollars in a month.


Most Important Internet Connection.

An email account. I recommend make a dedicated E-mail account just for PTC. Make it on Gmail because most of the PTC sites prefer it.

A Payment Processors accepted by site and which can Transfer money in your country. Mostly all sites accept Paypal and AlertPay. (In INDIA Paypal is going through some issue so join AlertPay..)

DO you have a group of people who can follow you not necessary but if you have you can make money faster.

Different ways of earning in PTC

You yourself clicking an ad.
Direct referral which means recommending friend or anyone to whom you give your referral link
By renting referral.

    How and when will you get paid?

    You get paid when your account balance reaches to minimum payout value. Minimum payout value is set by PTC site. Which vary from PTC to PTC but generally it is $ 2 (don't join site whose minimum payout is more than 3$ because after some month they turn into scam.)

    The amount of money you can make by PTC is in thousands within one month time period. Thing is you have nothing to lose over here. But as you know there are good and bad things in every field In PTC also there are few scam sites which don’t pay. so try to stay away from them.

    I have provided one site link below which is most reputed among all PTC. It is paying since 3 years. By joining following site you can start making money that also without investing a single Dime.

    Signup here

    Just give a try once if you like to work continue it or just leave it. But remember If you gave a try you will make money.

    If you do have query regarding PTC feel free to mail me at with subject