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Project is closed don't Invest

Final earn reviewed here last week has really turned hottest investment plan in month of July Just have a look at there plan 115% after 3 days and 140% after 7 days. You can hardly ignore such plan in short term plan its best investment plan running now.

In 7 days time it has reached Alexa rating 70000 and over 2,300 members has joined till now this shows popularity of program and hard work, dedication and
determination of Admin to run project successfully. He announced referral contest which is as follow

The contest will start today ( 25/07/2010) and will end at 30/07/2010 .
First prize winner will win $300 , second prize winner will win $100 and the third prize winner will win $50 .
(Only Active Referrals will be accounted for)

And there will be a Special Prize of $500 for the person who will have more than 50 active referrals.
(Only Active Referrals are counted and only referrals who joined after 25/07/2010 are included in this contest )
Allen admin of Final earn constantly keep on updating happenings in Finalearn on 27th there was some problem with payment processor he immediately sent mail regarding payment issue here is his mail.

Hello everyone,

Yesterday we had some problems with Liberty Reserve API And SCI and because of that all withdrawal requests were processed using the Wallet for LR requests that caused a bit of delay.

Also, Liberty Reserve deposits and some deposits for Perfect Money were not automatically credited by our script.
We manually added all of these missing deposits in their respective users' accounts so all is in order now. It took much of our time but we did not mind at all because it's our pleasure to serve you.

Now all SCI and API for LR and PM are operational again and Final earn is on normal mode like before but there is something that has changed....Final Earn is stronger than before!!! We now have more than 2,300 users and still growing. There might be too many users who are promoting their referral links for win in referral contest. our Alexa ranking proves it with a rating around 70k as of this writing.

Regarding the ongoing referral contest, we have noticed that some users are creating fake referrals under their username to win in this contest. Let me make a warning to all these users. We will delete them and will freeze their funds if you still continue doing that. We are working honestly on the backstage so don't try to cheat us.

This will all for now and keep promoting Final Earn.

Best regards,


Don’t ignore it. It is best investment program. To visit Final earn click here

Note: only invest through finalearn website there is no other way of investment

My investment was of $ 30 for 7 days and I made a Profit of $ 12
Payment Proof

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