Valued Opinion Scam

Valued Opinions is a Scam in India. It is an online survey company which rewards on taking survey they rewards you via gifts coupons which are send us on our given resident address.

I personally had taken survey and even after reaching reward amount Rs.400 they have not sent me gift voucher since three month, I have been following them but no use. This was what they are saying since three month

Dear Prashant,

Thank you for your email. We use a mailing company that usually delivers
vouchers within 28 days. However, they had been waiting for a bulk order of
vouchers themselves and tried to catch up with the backlog.

We are very sorry for the delay but you should receive them in the following
weeks. If this does not happen, please get in touch with me again to take
further steps.

Kind regards

The Valued Opinions Team

At least in India it is a Scam just avoid it. Here is its link http://www.valuedopinions.co.in
Just look at image below Reward offer date is 19/10/2010 but still not credited after two month.

Finally valuedopinions has paid me after 4 month it is not a scam, but they had delayed reward


  1. yeah...they are FRAUD.Please stay away and save some time rather than asking them hundred times in vain to get the vouchers.I dont know how researchnow which is reputable company involve with this silly website....looks like they would also support this kind of unprofessionalism and conning.

  2. They have been good for me but that maybe because I am based in the UK

  3. That's why i mentioned specifically in India valuedopinions is scam.

  4. No its not a scam . I recieved my GC in 17 days