Highest Earning Blogger from India

Amit Agarwal - Professional Tech Blogger

Amit Agrawal of labnol is Highest Earning Blogger from India. He is top blogger from India.

There were days when people use to think that they can only make money by taking 9 to 5 job or by starting a business. But after the revolutionized of internet it has become possible to make millions and billions of money from internet.

There is one such person who has made millions of rupees by blogging, Amit Agrawal from Agra, India, He runs a Technology blog Digital Inspiration (labnol.org).
He started blogging since 2004 and according to him he is literally making six figure income in dollars every year from blogging.

He has monetized his blog with Google AdSense from where he mainly makes money from.

He is first Indian professional Fulltime blogger.

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