Neobux is most reputed Ptc in Ptc world joining it means sure money. Why I am
saying sure money because some sites turn into scam within a Month and were
Neobux is stable here since 3 years and pays very instantly As soon as you reach
to your minimum payout value and request for payout Within seconds you get 
paid in your AlertPay or Paypal account. This thing Make it most reputed site.

Now you may think why in heading 888bux is given. Because it is exact duplicate
copy of  Neobux. 888bux also pay instantly same as Neobux. There click rate are
also same.

Before going onto click rate and how you can make money I will like to give One 
more reason why it is so much reputed (1000000 +) user are enrolled with
Neobux and ($20 million +) has been paid and still they are paying everyday. 
Now again you might think why 888bux I have wrote because if 888bux is 
copying neobux than just remember it’s in it initial stage it has launched on 1st 
june 2010 Neobux has given ($20 million +) than this Program can also Give
this amount so in 20 million how much will be your share. 
Initially you will not earn big amount. You can only earn big amount by having
Referral Either Direct referral or Rented referral.
Before giving your direct referral link to anyone read this carefully you can only 
have Direct referrals after 100 clicks or 30 days after date of joining.

Below things are applicable for both Neobux and 888bux.

  • Standard member clicks per ads 0.01 (there are 4-5 ads daily)
  • Standard Referrals click $0.005 (depends on membership type)
  • Upgraded members click per ads is $0.02

Benefit of Upgraded members more ads, click rate is double of standard Member even referral click is more.

Minimum payout is $2 than after 1st payout every next payout will keep on 
increasing by 1 dollar till $10 after that it will be stable on $10.

Standard member referrals limit 30 and keep on increasing by 7 every month.

Why you should join?
  • It pays you money. 
  • It takes hardly 5-10 min every day. 
  • You can make money while you are chatting means there is no need to Give Dedicated time.  
  • You can make good friends on any social networking site than you can make them here your direct referral here.

Even if you alone clicked means without any direct referrals and join some
more legit site like this you alone can make few dollars just by working for few minute.

You can sign up by Clicking  below

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