Today it was really bad news to know from Admin of sevenstarprofit that he is closing program. when HYIP industry is at its low. Honest Admins like John Smith of sevenstarprofit  has tried hard to survive Sevenstarprofit project. He 
claimed that program couldn't sustain anymore because  of low level support.
He said program could had run better if it would have launched 2 to 3 months 
early. Instead of making sevenstarprofit scam HYIP he has closed program and
sent mails to all investor following is Email sent by him.

Dear members,

Last news that I'm bringing to you now isn't that great. In short, we're closing the shop. I said closing rather than scamming for a good reason, guys. You'll understand it after reading all this letter. Or if you don't care, just stop reading and kick something (not monitor though, it's fragile).

The last few days I and my assistant were having a fight. Well, maybe you should call it a debate. "We should go for another week, really John. We're not done yet. There is some chance...", she would insist. "There is no way. We cant just hope for the best", I'd say. I have spent two hours making some math to prove her that there is no way to survival of sevenstarprofit. Here is some numbers that I showed her:

3,4,5 of July:
Deposits: $ 2,280.13
Withdrawals: $ -2,389.05
Other expenses: $ -300
- $408.92

7th of July
Deposits: $ 1,297.31
Withdrawals: -1,280.66

8th of July
Deposits: $ 800.70
Withdrawals: $ -789.88

"But there is still some way...", she would say. "No, we don't have a plan", I counter. Basically, I believe we were late with this program. Maybe things could go better a few month ago but not now. There is just not enough players willing to play this type of games.
She even said she can use her personal savings to help maintain SevenStarProfit. But it's a bad idea obviosly. I'd rather stop this all than allow her and myself to waste anymore money, time and health in this program. In case you don't get it yet, I'd say this simple. SevenStarProfit is not profitable for me, the creator and my assistant. We're currently in a loss. And to not make it even worse, I'm taking this decision to close up the shop. The remaining funds in our accounts will be used to cover expences which has been made from my own pocket for advertising. Yes, you heard it right. I have lost more than the largest investor even after closing the program. I and my assistant are in the same boat as you. We have lost our money in a HYIP. And this is not a joke or bad excuse. Let's face it. This industry needs some time to recover. Personally, I'm taking a rest from HYIPs as admin or investor for a while.

In my last conversation with assistant, she called me the worst scammer. Because I dont want to continue this program and fight, choosing to run away. But it's pointless in my opinion to continue like this. We're not a charity service and according to numbers, our HYIP is a total charity with no profit to their owners.

I want to end this letter with a words of apologise to all members here who deposited on 15 days plan and lost it all.

Taking above numbers (daily HYIP profit in most days is near zero or even a negative number on weekends) into account,
180% after 15 days Active deposits: 19($874.18) - a lot of them will mature soon,
I just don't have a plan how I can pay you, guys. Program growth is too slow, not even close to make you and me happy.

I'll refund some of last deposits and close SevenStarProfit's deposit button right now. My apologise.

John Smith

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